4 must have accessories for your GoPro


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4 must have accessories for your GoPro

There might exist 1000’s of accessories for your action camera, some better than others. Because of the booming market and interest of action cameras it is expected to see many low-quality products being sold through the big e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.com. To help you find the absolute necessary accessories without risking to stumble upon any low-quality products we’ve gathered the four must have accessories for your GorPro. These accessories are of course just as good for your other action cameras. As said, we’ve only gathered the top three accessories that we think is a must. We will however post more blogposts where we recommend many other accessories as well!

GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod

The 3-Way ”selfie stick” is probably the only accessory you need for your action camera. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to play around with a selfie stick you already understand the selfie stick-frenzy that have been around these last couple of years. The selfie stick is in fact great since it lets you capture footage where you’re in the footage as well. However, the 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod acccessory is a selfie stick deluxe that gives you so much more than the regular selfie stick. Let us show you what we mean!

3-way grip arm tripod

First of all it is in fact 3 products designed perfectly into one. There is the regular hand held grip that allows you to hold on to your GoPro in a more natural manner (instead of holding onto the camera directly). Then we have the arm which is possible to adjust in two different points. Due to this great feature you can adjust the arm so that it isn’t seen in the footage at all. Last, put not least, we have the tripod function. There are times when you just want your action camera standing so that you can get a some good footage of when you make that amazing jump, or to film the sunset in time-lapse mode, or want to place your action camera on the bottom of the pool and film yourself making an amazing dive. Regardless of reason the tripod will be used more than you think!

The 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod acccessory is available at Amazon and is priced at $55,99. There are of course other good arms for your action camera but the 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod accessory is the clear winner!

Floating GoPro Grip

All props to the 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod acccessory but if you surf, swim, or do anything in open waters you will need to have a Floating GoPro Grip since it truly is a saver for those times when you accidentally drop your action camera into the water. Because of the hollow grip of the Floating GoPro Grip there is no risk for your action camera to float down to the oceans bottom. Sure, it would be great if you lost your camera and then found it a couple of months later with some great footage of some mermaids but lets be realistic, that will not happen (regardless of how much you wish it). Therefore it is better to be safe than sorry and use a floating grip when you are in waters where you can loose your action camera.

Floating GoPro Grip

This great accessory is to be found at Amazon and is priced at $34,99 but is on sale now (Christmas-sale 2015) at $23,99.

32GB memory card for your action camera

What’s the point of filming the hiking to the top of the mountain if your memory is full when you actually reach the top? As said previously in this blog post: it is better to be safe than sorry! So don’t travel to palaces without having an extra 32GB SD memory card available in your bag. Preferably you should have two memory cards so you can change when the first one is full. If you have your computer with you when traveling the memory card might not be necessary since you can save everything on your computer. However, if you don’t have a computer with you to save everything on the 32GB SD memory card is a must!

32gb sd memory card

The price differs slightly depending on the producer of the memory card. SanDisk, which we recommend in this post., is a well known international producer of memory cards and you should not be worried that your card will malfunction or anything while using since SanDisk offers the best quality there is. The price for our recommendation is however $16, which is fair considering how much it will be of need when you travel.

Portable charger for your action camera

Action cameras are developed to be used in extreme environments, such as skiing, climbing, surfing, or any other activity. You most often use the action camera in remote places where there isn’t any electricity available for you to use when needing to charge your action camera. The struggle of trying to plan your use of the action camera just to not go empty is real. If you, however, have a Portable Charger with you there will be no risk to go empty while capturing those great sequences. A regular action camera have around 1000 mAh of battery. The portable charger from RAVPower has 23000 mAh of capacity, which is enough to charge your action camera and smartphone multiple times.

RAVPower portable charger

A portable charger is as a big battery that contains electricity, conveniently available for you when you’re in remote places and need to charge your action camera, smartphone, iPad or flash light. The portable charger we recommend is priced at $99,99. The great capacity of 23000 mAh is reflected in the price, but there are many other portable chargers that are cheaper as well.

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