6 ways to get more out of your action camera


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Sometimes you take a shot with your action camera, and when you come home to have a look at it and flaunt it to your friends and family, BAAM! What you actually see is a shaky piece of art that is almost illegible to you and of course everyone else. So what actually went wrong with your shoot? Let us look at some more ways we get can more out of our action camera. We have gathered 6 concrete ways on how you can get more out of your action camera, today!


Most action cameras lack built in ND filters which help when a camera is exposed to bright environments. While most action cameras flourish in daylight, they might have some difficulty in dealing with extreme bright sunlight since it causes the highlights to blow out. A good solution is to get external ND filter add on option for your action camera. Some companies offer them while some don’t. If they don’t, you might as well use a plastic ND gel, some creativity and some tape, and you are good to go. Ensure that it is attached in a flat manner and tightly over the lens as to avoid any distortion. This way you will ensure that every drop of awesomeness is squeezed out of your action camera


When you have got the camera mounted either on your head or on another low object, it is very tough to find a middle ground. If you angle is too high, it seems like you are on a roller coaster ride, with no sight of how you are making those turns happen. If you angle it too low, you will see the tip of the object your camera is mounted on, but all perspective is lost. Generally, you want some middle angle adjustment which is a bit lower than your eyes when you look ahead. The under-estimated chest mount is also makes a good angle. It is also more stable as you are not looking around with your chest. Due to its positioning, you get to capture your object and also appreciate the environment. It will be a bonus if you are a skier, since you also get your poles and hands in the shot. If you are setting up your shot keeping the camera static, make use of any natural light, whether it is for creating silhouettes or shadows or highlighting the object you are filming


Of course when we ask you to alter time, we do not mean you tinker with the space-time continuum, all we suggest is play with time on your footage. Use editing software to slow down higher frame rate videos for a cool slo-mo effect. For example a video shot at 60fps can be played at 30fps. Since all cameras are weatherproof, you can also leave the cam outside all night to capture some incredible sunset and sunrise footage


You can let your camera do the brainy stuff for you by leaving most of your settings on auto mode. However for a little tinkering, some action cameras allow you to choose white balance for low light setting to places with a lot of white light, from 3000k to 6500k. This way you can play with sharpness and exposure. Depending on the type of your action cam, your shooting resolution choices will range from WVGA for low quality, up to 4k for massive quality. Since 4K is not very usable because of ropey frame rate, you are best off choosing the middle ground at 1080p


By filters we do not mean Instagram filters, but instead actual filters that improve the quality of your film and not look like it was shot in the 70’s. You have a ton of options for filters to choose from, like the red filter which makes a hell lot of difference when you are shooting under-waters. Or if you are filming on a bright sunny day, then a neutral density filter is the way to go. It slows down your shutter speed ensuring the film is very smooth without being overexposed


Using the Fish eye wide angled lens, you can take some incredible fisheye stills. This lens is best for taking selfies whereby you can fit a lot in your background. This is where poles come in handy by allowing you to take arm length snaps.

Last modified: mars 18, 2016


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