8 reasons why everyone needs an action camera


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For folks who are into cycling, surfing or skiing, an action camera is a perfect way to record their adventures. An action camera basically is a light-weight, and tiny video camera that can produce wide-angled and high quality videos in almost all environments. They are designed to be used for trivial circumstances and a typical setup is just 3 buttons, power, setting and start/stop. The wide angle of view creates an experience that is equal to the view from human eye. Let us talk about 8 major reasons why everyone needs an action camera.


An action camera is tough enough to shoot in any kind of environment. It is waterproof for up to impressive 132-feet. They are widely used in TV shows that focus on extreme activities such as sky-diving, bungee jumping, under water surveillance, deep sea diving, high jumping, super-car racing, snowboarding, skiing, and a lot of other extreme sports. It is very rare that any situation can damage an action camera, except for when you throw it off a 100 story building.


Being able to use your action camera in a lot of different situations is not only about being tough and small, but it also needs to be flexible enough to allow you to make it work with other equipment’s. If you are using it when cycling, surfing or skiing, you will need a way to mount it to your helmet, bike or board. One of the best and even the main feature for having your own action camera is that you can go hands-free. You would no longer have to think about adjusting the settings of your camera every time you go out. It comes with a mounting system that allows you to mount your camera on a bike, helmet or anywhere else without the need for nuts or bolts. Do any action you want to and your camera will remain fixed where you initially fixed it. This leaves you worry free.


Your action camera will not produce run-on-the-mill image quality. It is reputed to create perfect quality videos and with a wide lens, you will not lose focus no matter how far or near the camera is from the view. It promises to retain HD quality images and videos every time, and you do not need to Photoshop, edit or process your videos and images. Moreover, most cameras shoot at a frame rate between 24fps to 60fps. Action cameras allow you to shoot around 120 frames per second, which enables you to create high quality, and smooth slow motion videos too.


Non-action cameras have typically smaller lenses due to their small sensors. The heavier and larger lenses on action cameras offer a better performance and due to having large apertures, action cameras also provide shallower field depths which can even blur backgrounds. Moreover action cameras provide a greater zooming in capacity and therefore give greater magnifications.


Action cameras can record videos to flash memory cards and also to internal hard drives which offer a greater recording time that even a high capacity flash memory chip, whereas other cameras only record videos and images to flash memory card.


Internal microphones that are used by action cameras are superior to those used in other cameras. In some brands, you even get the sophisticated recording option which allows you to zoom into the source of the sound. Some action cameras can even capture surround and multi-channel audio.


Action cameras also allow you to adjust the shutter speed, white balance and field of view to tweak your image. You cannot do the same when recording a video or capturing a photo from other cameras; it is just point and shoot!


Although we are living in an age of gadgets that multi-task, their design is still driven by their core functions. Although smartphones have cameras but still they are shaped like phones. The same holds for action cameras and other digital cameras. Action cameras are designed to be help steady and aloft for longer periods of time, and as their name suggests, they are designed for capturing such action that would be almost impossible by other digital cameras.

Since action cameras give you a complete different experience with using a camera, they are an investment worth making.

Last modified: mars 18, 2016


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