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Action cameras are small video camera designed to record from your point of view or certain other unique angles, for example from the tip of your surfboard or from the top of your helmet.

Getting the best action camera is a difficult task, particularly when you have no former experience in purchasing them.

A wide variety of top-notch action cameras come in the market serving different purposes as they are designed for different use setting. They are accessible in a variety of sizes and shapes and while they all have similar core function—capturing videos or taking pictures— they have different and unique characteristics that set them apart. For instance, some are waterproof by default, while for others, you have to get protection cases.

Some outshine in all manner of extreme situations, while others can crumble underwater or once the sun sets. And what good is an action cam if it is not made for action? Eventually, your choice in action camera should narrow down to ease of use and performance.

In order to find the best action camera available in the market, you need to follow certain guidelines. Here are some:

Search online

If you know nothing about action cameras then searching over the internet is the most convenient and effortless option you have. Today there are hundreds of websites, blogs and articles all over the internet that can provide you with assistance. is a reliable website for those in need of comparison. We also offer recommendations on where to get the best action-cam in the most reasonable price.


Moreover, comparing action cameras along with their characteristics is the best way to find a quality camera. Following is a comparison guide of some of the best action cameras according to their characteristics currently available in the market:

  • Weight:
    • GoPro Hero4 Silver: 83g
    • Panasonic HX-A500: 159g
    • Garmin Virb Elite: 177g

The protective cases might make the camera feel considerably larger, hence the weight.

  • Waterproofing: 
    • GoPro Hero4 Silver: 40m (with case)
    • Panasonic HX-A500:3m
    • Garmin Virb Elite:1m

Some action cameras require putting into a protective housing before being exposed to extreme conditions or immersed in water.

  • HD recording:
    • GoPro Hero4 Silver:HD 120/60/50
    • Panasonic HX-A500: HD 120/100/60/50
    • Garmin Virb Elite:HD 60/30

Read reviews

Reading several reviews is another best way to get the right action camera as they includes the type of information that any savvy shopper will want to find the best action camera for their needs and according to their budget.

Reviews are in-depth and give complete information about each camera’s features and specifications. They also provide with comparison shopping for those who want to know how their favorite choices line up compared to each other.

You can get a lot of information from reviews beforehand about any action camera in the market as people share their experience after they have used a certain camera.

So, with these tips in mind you should feel confident to find an action camera that suits your needs and is within your budget. To make your search a little bit easier you can see three of the cameras that we recommend greatly. These are quality cameras with good prices!

GoPro Hero – The ”beginner” camera from GoPro
SJCAM Original – SJCAM have become very popular with the launch of their SJCAM Original
GeekPro Pro 1 – This is a great alternative to the GoPro Hero

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