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DBPOWER waterproof action camera with high definition is a gadget designed according to market demand. It has a range of industry’s leading features, comprising of photo capturing, video recording and auto recording which makes it an ideal action-cam for scuba diving, outdoor activities, deep water probing, sports recording, motor biking or any other activity or action you want to capture on photo or video.

The body design of the DBPOWER Waterprrof Action Camera is similar to the popular rectangle box form with its physical measurements being about 30x59x41 mm or about 1x2x1.6 in.

It comes with:

  • Waterproof case
  • Waterproof case clip
  • Camera clip
  • Multi-function clip
  • Bicycle mount
  • Helmet mount
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • Wiper
  • Rechargeable battery


The DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera comes with ultra wide lens which enables you to have a great view of the actions or things you want to capture or record. It is very easy to use and can help anyone generate professional looking images and videos irrespective of their skill level.

The 1.5” LCD display is ideal for previewing your captured shots and it makes sure you have the shot you intended for. The menu option can be easily navigated and you can change the settings with the buttons on the camera and its LCD as well.

You can get good-quality shots with full HD 1080p 30 for video and 12MP for still images. What’s more you ask? A time lapse mode is also available that lets you capture an image at set intervals of 2s, 5s or you can use Snapper.

The best part about DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD is its light weight and portability. You will find it super small and extremely portable which is why it is great for low profile mounting as well.

Battery life is amazing with 3.7v 900mAh rechargeable and removable battery which is great since it lets you have an extra pair of recharged batteries ready to swap when in need. Moreover, its 4GB card and 32g micro SD can capture about 650 shots at maximum resolution.

The images that it captures in Photo mode are just as good as its video recording. It can capture JPG images at VGA480), 2MHD (1080), 1,3M (960), 12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 5MP and 3MP.

DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD is an excellent pick as it comes with plenty of useful accessories. If you are in search of a camera that is able to do it all and do it well, you will definitely love this one.


DBPOWER provides a bargain with an affordable action camera that packs fairly a bit of features for being at a very reasonable price. This action-cam is great for many occasions including anything you wish to capture near water, dusty, and of course in normal conditions.

Amazon, eBay, newegg and Rakuten are its official retailers. It is available for $52.99 on Amazon with free shipping.

Basically, DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD is a great gadget to invest in and you will not be disappointed and displeased if you make this purchase.


The DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD is available with countless advantages for professionals as well as for amateurs. As a result, it gets customer satisfaction from around the globe.

One of the best aspects about this camera in addition to the quality of the camera itself is the accessories that come along. The camera comes with a variety of attachments and best of an extra rechargeable battery. The extra battery is great to have just in the event you need to swap out the used one for a charged one. Not to forget, the camera has a waterproof case by default for all your water actions and adventures. It is pretty much an excellent starter kit for anyone wanting to buy an action camera.

Moreover, it is designed to survive in extreme conditions ranging from extreme sports to outdoor sports to recording your car driving.

One of the drawbacks is that when you are previewing your footage and wish to skip to the next clip you cannot just skip to the next shot because there is not a Skip Forward or Skip Back button available.


Keeping aside the minor cons of DBPOWER Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD, it is an excellent action camera which is available in half the price of similar camera available in the market today. So, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, this package is an amazing deal.

The best part is that with this action camera you get to make crazy, professional-looking, awesome and good-quality videos and images. So grab yours now!

Last modified: mars 17, 2016


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