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Are you the type of person who wants to strap a camera on their bicycle and go riding downhill on a mountain while shooting dust and everything else that comes in the way? Then an action camera is your best investment for the purpose. Action cameras, as the name suggests are designed for those who live an active lifestyle. They are small, tough, and not handheld and can be attached to any object, i.e. cars, bicycles, surfboards, helmets and even your head. They can be used to record all kinds of intense moments such as water rafting, skydiving, go-karts, and much more.

Sports personalities and TV shows also utilize Action cameras to create powerful footage that are impossible to shoot with a regular camera.

Some things to consider before buying an action camera include:

  • Size and weight: action cameras are designed to be small and lightweight so they can easily be strapped to objects. Opt for the lightest and the smallest according to your budget.
  • Field of View: The cameras are designed to shoot videos from a wide-angle. The angle of the camera is measured in degrees. The wider the angle, the more footage you will be able to capture.
  • Video quality: A 4k camera is considered the most high resolution possible in an action camera. The resolution of the camera depends on your usage. For TV broadcast, you need a camera which is 480 pixels while for those who want to view videos on their smartphones and cameras, should go for a 720 p.
  • Waterproof: A camera should be able to stand the harshness of weather. A waterproof camera is the best choice, but many action cameras require a special covering known as “housing” to be waterproof.
  • Videos vs. still photographs: Action cameras are customized to shoot videos, but they can also capture still images.
  • Options for mounting: However you wish to mount your camera, make sure you purchase additional mounts for the purpose. Of course, cameras do come with some mounts but extra mounts especially those for unique purposes should be purchased separately.
  • Battery: The battery life is the most important thing to consider when purchasing an action camera, but many camera manufacturers don’t provide battery life quotes in their product’s specifications. However, most action cameras can shoot for 3-4 hours and you can keep additional batteries or a solar charging device if you are out for long trips.
  • Connectivity: many cameras offer built-in WiFi capabilities which come handy when transferring videos to YouTube, etc.
  • Memory Cards: Most action cameras have small removable memory cards which provide adequate space for storage of your footage, but it’s advisable to buy a couple of extra ones so you always have plenty of space for your videos.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you action camera should shoot beautiful and high-quality videos as well as provide you with a different option for resolutions and frames. They should also be easy to use and rugged enough to carry on the most adventurous trips. There are many varieties of action cameras available in the market with GoPro as the market leader of the relevant industry releasing new cameras everywhere.

Whether you are looking to document your own personal adventures or simply create a video of a family picnic – a sturdy action camera is the way to go. The action cameras are becoming increasingly popular, smaller, and more powerful with each new release.

Do you own an action camera or are you looking to purchase one? Do let us know which one you have in mind and check out reviews of the top camera on our websites.

The GoPro Hero+ is an amazing starter-camera for everyone that’s interested in action cameras and video making. The camera have all the features of a more expensive camera, including the Wi-Fi option, but to a much friendlier price. We therefore recommend to start with a GoPro Hero+ and then upgrade to a more advanced action camera.

Last modified: mars 18, 2016


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